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It does as it says on the packaging! Feudfraud makes you the smartest player.

This great little helper in a world wide feud inspires your play, improves your vocabulary and mercilessly annihilates your opponents! When you are lacking a little inspiration or when you're dealt really lousy tiles, Feudfraud helps you find the longest, the smartest and the most valuable words in UK English (SOWPODS), US English (TW06), Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French and Spanish.

The app contains wordlists continuously updated by our users at This free app is fully functional, you may purchase the paid version to remove the advertising banner.

How does it work?

  • Fill in the top search field the 7 (or less) tiles from your rack. Use the optional fields 'in front', 'within' and 'behind' to submit to tiles already on the board:
  • Would you like to complete a tile (or even a word): fill in the ?in front? box
  • You want a tile already on the board somewhere in your word, enter it in the 'within' box
  • If you have a tile or a word on the board to that completes your word use the 'behind' box
A bit from yourself and a bit of cheat from Feudfraud: you're the winner.


  • By: Ieniemienie Productions
  • Stores: Google Play, Amazon and Apple
  • Release date: November 18, 2011
  • Language: English, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, French and Spanish
  • URL:

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