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TopTravelMaps are easy, fast and 100% off-line city maps listing top attractions

  • NO in-app purchase required, guaranteed NO ads
  • Offline, browsable map: fast loading and NO (international) mobile or data charges
  • Optimised for phones, pods and tablets

This guide gives you:

  • easy to navigate, detailed maps that zoom in- and out with enough detail to find any destination
  • GPS functionality which shows you your current location
  • a handy public transport map that can also be zoomed
  • you can add your own markers with information to the map:
    • remember where your hotel is
    • where did you park your car and
    • where did you see those shoes in the shopping window?
Keywords: offline, fast, affordable, practical, informative and perhaps most important: easy to use and NO international mobile/data charges.


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